Laine is a high-quality Nordic knit & lifestyle magazine for knit folks. We cherish natural fibres, slow living,

local craftsmanship and beautiful, simple things in life. Our intention is to inspire you to gather and share,

to be part of a community of like-minded knitters, makers and thinkers from near and far.

Knitting is more than just knit, knit, purl. It is a feeling. 

Laine Issue Ten - Rooted

 pre order opens on 18th Nov, release date is 11th Dec 2020


Issue Ten, Rooted, is all about beauty and grace.

The first issue was published four years ago. To celebrate this journey, the Laine Team decided to make a few changes to the layout, just to freshen things up. Issue 10 will be available in our shop in English only. 


It features 12 knitting patterns from 11 designers around the world:

Denise Baron, Aleks Byrd, Maxim Cyr, Midori Hirose, July Hoover, Natasja Hornby, Mieka John, tif Neilen, Rievive, Veera Välimäki and Sylvia Watts-Cherry.  




- an interview with Denise Bayron

- article about G-Uld by Lotta Löthgren 

- an article by BIPOC in Fibre by Jeanette Sloan

- an article about knitting and well-being by our their writer Päivi Kankaro

- a column by their regular columnist Jeanette Sloan

- seasonal recipes

- book reviews

- Laine Favourites section




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52 Weeks Of Socks


52 Weeks of Socks is the first hardcover book of Laine Publishing. This publication contains 52 knitting patterns by 46 designers, and is a true encyclopedia of socks. Patterns are beautifully photographed and laid out on 256 pages in the style Laine is known and loved for.


    The book contains patterns from the following designers: 

Heidi Alander, Fiona Alice, Gina Baglia, Ainur Berkimbayeva, Katrine Birkenwasser, Karen Borrel, Sachiko Burgin, Diana Clinch, Verena Cohrs, Valentina Consalvi, Rachel Coopey, Nele Druyts, Marion Em, Lindsey Fowler, Fabienne Gassmann, Lucinda Guy, Dawn Henderson, Anja Heumann, Tiina Huhtaniemi, Caitlin Hunter, Mieka John, Amanda Jones, Joséphine & the seeds, Pauliina Karru, Isabell Kraemer, Tatiana Kulikova, Joji Locatelli, Erika López, Andrea Mowry, Paula Pereira, Rosa Pomar, Elena Potemkina, Amelia Putri, Emily Joy Rickard, Mona Schmidt, Nataliya Sinelshchikova, Marceline Smith, Minna Sorvala, Helen Stewart, Charlotte Stone, Becky Sørensen, Niina Tanskanen, Natalia Vasilieva, Kristine Vejar, Kajsa Vuorela and Mariya Zyaparova.


  •            256 uncoated, high-quality pages
  •            Language: English  
  •            Woven book cover, banner, ribbon place marker
  •            Weight: 1100 g
  •            Print only, no digital download code available   

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Laine Issue eight - Kelo


This issue contains: 


- 11 knitting patterns by a talented group of designers: Justine Lorkowska, Denise Baron, Libby Jonson, Julie Dubreux, Leine Hoimela, Astrid TrollendSus Gepard, Éveline Cantin-Bergeron, Jenny Sauselein and Marjorie Martin 


- an interview with Susan Crawford 

- a long-format story about Ocean Rose

- my story by Pauline Copin-Herriot of Lain'amourée

- a column by Jeanette Sloan

- seasonal recipes

- a travel guide to Tampere 


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Laine Issue seven - Kouta


This issue contains:

12 knitting patterns by a talented group of designers: Lærke Bisschop-Larsen, Kiyomi Burgin, Aleks Byrd, Kristin Drysdale, Carol Feller, Whitney Hayward, Natasja Hornby, Dami Hunter, Renate Kamm Meiju K-P, Nancy Marchant, Alejandra Pont and Stephen West.


- an interview with Veera Välimäki

a long-format story about The Fibre Co 

- "my story" by Emma Robinson of The Woolly Mammoth 

- a Q&A with Annie Rowden

- seasonal recipes

- a travel guide to London featuring the best spots to stay, eat and shop


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Laine Issue six - Heritage


This issue contains:

12 knitting patterns by a bunch of wonderful designers: Shannon Cook, Jonna Hietala, Joji Locatelli, Hélène Magnusson, Andrea Mowry, Sari Nordlund, Hiroko Payne, Rosa Pomar, Esther romo, Annie Rowden, Astrid Troland and Emily Wessel


- a portrait of Nancy Marchant

portrait an interview with Hélène Magnussoniew, the Icelandic Knitter

- "my story" by Cecilia Lalanne of the 50-year old Manos del Uruguay

- a Q&A with Kristin Ford of Woolfolk

- seasonal recipes

- a travel guide to Reykjavik 


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