In 2004 as Emma, her husband and their three little girls drove up to the the derelict Georgian farmhouse with it's 310 acres, it seemed an impossible dream come true, that they could now call this place home. As first generation farmers it was with the heady enthusiasm that comes with the naivety of the hill ahead to climb, that allowed them to we start putting the farm and its house back together, piece by piece.
Emma never thought she’d be running a business which encompasses my passion for sustainable  British farming with the textile addiction she have had ever since she was a little girl. A saying Emma try and live by is, “Live as if you were going to die tomorrow, but farm your land as if you were to live forever”.
After what seems an eternity  Sticka, The Tithe Collection has finally come to fruition, what started out as a small home produced magazine has finally grown up.
It was our friend and top designer Marie Wallin who first said 'you need your own collection' as we chatted on the stand at Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2018. Followed by a long snowy journey home where Neil, and Mel my long time friend, insisted that it was a great idea and that I should design the patterns. 

Sticka - the Thithe Collection

from Emma:
10 patterns inspired by the farm that we love and nurture every day. Each garment name taken from the Tithe maps of the 1840s. Tithe, the old English for a tenth, was what was due to the land owner, every tenth fleece, lamb, calf or bushel was taken as payment for the land use. In the Act of 1836 these difficult to monitor, and unpopular tithes where changed into a monetary amount.

The book not only details some of the history of the farm but also our commitment to tread lightly on this land, farming sustainably and producing only the most beautiful quality yarns.

All designs are by Emma Boyles

Brickfield Cardigan, Brickfield Cowl, Brickfield Sweater, Caustens Hat, Hangers Hyle Shawl, Minchins Croft Sweater, Minchins Croft Tank, No Mans Land Sweater, Cherry Plum Cardigan, Chequers Sweater

Each purchase of the book comes with a free download.

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