Organic Lotion Bar 55g - a clean, refreshing scent. Subtle yet stimulating.

Same recipe! New Packaging.

Use this little gem to restore and nourish those busy, making hands. Warm over tired hands, massage gently and enjoy.
Handmade, with wholesome organic butters and oils. Complete & Natural Nourishment.

The new cardboard packaging keeps your balm clean, fresh and portable! Just Push Up to use. 


[ Organic Rosemary & Lavender ] - for calm

[ Organic Sweet Orange & Vanilla Bean] - for joy

[ Rooibos & Rose ] - for balance

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Organic 100% Cotton Tote Bag


  • 100% organic cotton
  • fair trade and GOTS certified
  • 38cm  x 42cm with long handles
  • machine washable at 30C
  • for free on any orders over 100€


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Organic Wool Soap Bar


This Wool Soap Bar was built to naturally bring the most out of your woolen garments. We use only organic certified oils to make it. It is high in lanolin which naturally restores your treasured knits. Lanolin is not only good for wool, it is for your skin too. Taking care of your woolens is taking care of your skin.
The soap comes unscented and scented. 
We kept the recipe simple with a few high quality organic ingredients for our cold processed handmade soap. We chose rape seed oil because we can get a great quality locally. 


14,50 €

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Rauwerk woollen blankets - handwoven & unique

Cosy, light and super warm. Ideal for the winter months.

The blankets are handwoven in the UK. Each of them unique. We accept custom orders, please contact us directly. 


Size roughly 105cm wide by 150cm long, excluding ca 15cm fringe on each side. 


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Roll-Top Project bag

Handmade project bags, designed and handmade in Berlin out of minimally processed wool felt from Romania. These unique bags are large enough to take a good size sweater or shawl project, and have a box bottom so they will stand upright as you work. Robust, stylish and made in Germany. 


  • Made of 100% minimally processed wool felt from Romania 
  • Base: 19cm x 19cm 
  • Height: 35cm, Width: 35cm 
  • Interior and Exterior Lining 100% Canvas
  • two inner pockets for scissors, needles, measuring tape, yarn scraps etc. 
  • Woven Ribbon 
  • Copper clips 

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Drawstring Knitting Bag

This slightly smaller sized knitting bag is ideal for projects like socks, hats or scarves and are also designed to free-standing. There are 4 interior pockets, two larger ones in the middle (for phone or smaller notebook) and two smaller ones on each side for tools or needles. The unique bag is stylish and portable, so they are an ideal companion for travelling and it brings a touch of German creativity to your crafting projects. 


  • 100% minimally processed wool felt from Romania
  • Base: 24.5cm x 19cm
  • Hight: 24cm Length: 39cm
  • interior and exterior lining 100% canvas

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